Hon. Paul Abuor

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Man of the people

Man of the people

Commonly referred to as 'A Man of the People' due to his good relationship with people from all walks of life. No matter who or where you come from, to him you’re a friend, brother, colleague, you name it.

God Fearing

God Fearing

A staunch Christian who is prayerful and believes that all success and achievements are a blessing from God; Paul is mindful of other people’s needs & affairs most times even denying himself; He always has a good rapport with the people he comes across in his line of duty.


He is an astute and successful businessman spanning over 10 years in different fields of construction. He is a go getter and never gives up easily even when faced with challenges, in fact the greater the challenge the better for him. It makes him work even harder.

Education & Work

  • 2017 : Elected Member of National Assembly, Rongo Constituency
  • 2015 : Member, Migori County Coordinating Committee (ODM)
  • 2014-5 : 1) Coordinated Activities of OKOA Kenya in Rongo Constituency and collection of for the referendum. 2) Sponsored Voters Education and Mobilization Campaigns in Rongo Constituency
  • 2013 : Acting Chairman ODM Migori County
  • 2012 : Vice Chairman ODM Migori County
  • 1997 : National Delegate, National Democratic party (NDP)
  • 1992 : National Coordinator, Ford Kenya Youth Lobby Group, Operation Moi Out.

Our MP in action

Hon. Paul Abuor is always on the move, looking to engage and support the people of the constituency in their various activities. Below is a visual representation of the many activities that he is involved in. You can also follow our the honorable member on social media to get more regular updates.




Rongo is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of eight constituencies of Migori County. The constituency was established for the 1988 elections.

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